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Venue Sourcing

Where to?

Where's it going to be?

And importantly, why?

A conference in Amsterdam? Business trip?

A sales meeting in Singapore? Company event?

An incentive prize to California? Treat the top performers? Show a key client their worth?

Or accommodation booked in Barcelona? Quick overnight and capabilities demo?

Long-term placements abroad? Need a good volume deal?

Wherever you need to go, whatever venue and accommodation requirements you have...

our experts have got it covered.

 “You're off to Great Places!
Today is your Day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So.… get on your way!"
-  Dr. Seuss

But wait - anyone can find and book a hotel, right?

Why not leave it to the office admin or even a senior PA?

It's not just the venue that offers the lowest rate on that hotel website, or the one which has the most creatively-taken wide-angle photograph snapped on the sunniest day just after the last refurbishment 10 years ago. It's about ensuring the rate not only fits your budget but that the venue and its staff can meet and exceed your expectations, that the hotel can fit your group comfortably and ensure the meeting (and sleeping) rooms are of an acceptable standard for the type of event you're running.

What if you book 50 rooms three months before your event and later find out that in reality only 35 people can make it, but that the terms and conditions stipulate all rooms must be paid for and are non-refundable? A common trap. We will manage all negotiations and ensure you get the best attrition terms, limiting your exposure to no-shows and ensuring your return on investment. With access to group booking rates, enhanced availability and unsurpassed expertise in the 'language of hotels', or tricks of the trade, we'll make the process simple and painless, freeing up your internal resources and protecting your budget.

Finding the perfect venue can be time-consuming and stressful. Our team at eventthis are specialists in finding you the venue with the right requirements, at the right price, in the right location to fit your event, budget and objectives, painting you in the best possible light and leaving you to take all the plaudits for an unforgettable event - for all the right reasons! Let's talk about your next event, business trip or conference.

Find out more about event design, incentives and travel services.

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