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 “To travel is to Live."
-  Hans Christian Andersen


When we travel, we open our minds... at least that's how it used to feel. Increasingly, travel has become a bane, a necessary evil. Let us help you change your perspective by making your journeys less of a tiresome experience, so the trip away - and back home - is a positive and enjoyable occasion.


At eventthis we understand that people travel for different reasons; business, pleasure, holidays, work, to see family, to relax, to go on adventure - to get away from it all or to get right into it all. Travellers have myriad aims, needs, and levels of experience in travelling. We deal directly with you to tailor your journey and build an itinerary that removes the stress and sheer volume of baffling choice to offer clear, simple, straightforward alternatives that allow you to make informed decisions on the route, timing and price that meets your needs. Let eventthis deal with the details so you can pack your bags, pick up your passport and depart for the journey ahead feeling fully prepared and confident you're in the best of hands.

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